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Your restoration is not finished without new key coverings.  Unless you really have to
have the feel of ivory, new plastic looks so much more clean and bright.  Don't leave old
sharps either.   It will surprise you how shabby they look after doing the whites.

We don't just put random products up on the web -- we actually use the products ourselves!
Some of them are items we have discovered over the years and are exclusive to us.
We have marked these products Only available from us in the item listings below.

We have free piano key top installation instructions here:
Section 36 of Chap. 7.


Minimum Order $20

    Priority Mail shipping for most items. UPS by request.

You MUST browse the Catalog area, and try to learn what you want. We no longer search our catalog for you.

Have this information ready:
     1. Description of parts
     2. Part Numbers
     3. Prices
     4. Dimensions where needed
BEFORE you call us please.

Make sure you are in the catalog area for your kind of piano--
Such as Grand Pianos,
Full Uprights, Spinets, etc.

If you are confused, call us for assistance.

If we do not answer the phone, we are probably here-- Just leave a message- we will return your call (it may not be the same day).


                    • Keytop Restoration Kits -- complete kits to replace old ivories or celluloid
                      with new molded tops. Everything you need to resurface your piano keyboard yourself.
                    • A La Carte-- individual items for replacing piano sharps or naturals inclulding
                      used ivory and used and new ebony.
                    • Key Recovering Tools and Supplies -- adhesives, buffing materials, ivory chip filler,
                      ebony stain to help your piano "smile".
                    • Shop Services-- Let us do it for you. From individual keystick duplication to a
                      new set of ivories, you can have a shining new piano keys without the trouble
                      and time to do it yourself.
                    • Related products and information on our site.




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KEY TOP RESTORATION KITS                                        Back to CONTENTS


Complete Piano Key Top Restoration Kit

The kit is designed to restore both the naturals (white keys) and sharps (black keys).
We have included everything you need to do the job. You get professional items we
use in our shop
and are not available elsewhere.

Here is what is in the kit:

1. SH1396 -- A set of 52 Natural White or Off White Key tops
We supply only the one piece tops with fronts molded to the top. If you would like to substitute
SH1496 or SH1497 keytops, you may do so for an additional charge.

2. SH384H or D or SH385H or D-- A set of 36 Sharps (Black)
Be sure to measure your old sharp ALONG THE BOTTOM so we can match the length. More
information is found below about these part numbers.
SATIN SHARPS-- $ 14.00 extra-- These give a smooth sheen to imitate real ebony.
Must be polished with fine 0000 steel wool after gluing.

3. Full roll of Glue Film for keytops. We now use this in our shop. It's quicker, cleaner and easier.
Just apply like masking tape from a roll and then peel off the backing. No clamping needed!
(Not a "double-stick tape" but an actual layer of glue that you apply from a roll !)
Includes trimming blade w/handle!
Exclusive product only available from us.

4. SH199-- One 3/8 inch Key Dip Gauge Block to level the Keys when done. Plus a selection of center and
front paper shims . These will be needed to raise the level of the sharps
because the new white keytops will probably be thicker than the old ones, so if nothing is done to remedy it, the sharps will be too low
compared to the top edge of the whites.

5. SM4236-- Our Professional Black Dye-4oz. No mixing required. (Caution when opening as it can
cause trouble in carpets etc.) The black stained wood at the front of the sharp key levers has likely
dulled to gray over the years. It will look very ugly if it is not restored to total black. This wood is easily
seen when the natural white keys are depressed. Includes brush. Only available from us.

You will need to provide a 7 inch fine double cut flat file. Do not dress key tops with sand paper.

Virtually every tool in the kit will be of use in any workshop later except the Key Dip Guage.

Printed instructions provided with this kit. Also see our online instruction at Section 36 of Chap. 7

If you mess up a key top -- like getting a finger print on it -- tell us which note you need, and we will
send one new one free. You pay shipping only. Only one key top supplied in this safety net offer. For
more than one replacement, pay $ 4.00 each. Again, we need to know which notes needed. THIS OFFER

No other supplier makes this offer!

PRICE: $110.75 w/gloss sharps . . . . .$124.75 w/satin sharps

See also our Key Lever Restoration Kit Here


Key Tops Only -- Full Set of Black and White

This kit includes 52 natural white key tops and 36 black sharps.
Doing the white tops only will almost always make the black sharps
look dingy, even if they seem to look good now.

White "Natural" Keytops-  
      Molded high quality plastic WITH FRONT ATTACHED-  Set of 52-

Sharps-- Set of 36-   3 1/2"- High Gloss finish as in modern pianos

PRICE: $ 62.00-- This is a savings of $ 12.00

With satin sharps:
PRICE: $ 87.00-- This is a savings of $ 12.00


KEY TOPS AND IVORIES-- a la carte . . .                              Back to CONTENTS

Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price

      See Section 36 of Chap. 7 for instructions to install these parts.

Standard White "Natural" Keytops-  
      A soft white best for wood-grain piano cabinets. Not "off white".

      Molded high quality plastic WITH FRONT ATTACHED-  Set of 52-                       SH1396              $ 36.00

These key tops are a bit thicker than old era plastic, so they cover imperfections
in the wood better. Many times there is no filing needed, but if needed, it is easily
accomplished with a fine file. Made in the USA of acrylic plastic, these key tops
do not easily scratch, and they will raise the value of any piano, especially if you are
doing a restoration for sale. I have restored a number of pianos and sold them.
Frankly, in spite of my fussy protocols for refinishing the wood, the most startling
thing about a restored piano is the new white and black shining keys smiling up at
the potential buyer. Would you remember Teddy Roosevelt's picture if it were not
for his white teeth and big grin?

The key tops with fronts attached stay on better because the front molded to the top
helps anchor the whole top on better.

Caution: You can NOT put the new key tops on over the old ones.
Also, the fronts may need to be removed if using the key tops with
molded on fronts. See Section 36 of Chap. 7

White "Natural" Keytops- Available in two sizes; with or without attached fronts
      German one piece keytops WITHOUT fronts attached-  Set of 52-     50 mm heads      SH1491W           $ 58.00
                                                                                                                  52 mm heads      SH1492W           $ 65.00
      German one piece keytops WITH fronts attached - Set of 52 -            50 mm heads       SH1496W          $ 58.00
                                                                                                                  52 mm heads      SH1497W          $ 65.00


Light Cream "Natural" Keytops- Available in two sizss; with or without attached fronts
      German one piece keytops WITHOUT fronts attached-  Set of 52-      50 mm heads       SH1491             $ 58.00
                                                                                                                   52 mm heads      SH1492              $ 65.00
 German one piece keytops WITH fronts attached - Set of 52 -             50 mm heads       SH1496             $ 58.00
                                                                                                                  52 mm heads      SH1497             $ 65.00

Black "Sharp" Keytop-  Molded high quality plastic-
         Set of 36-   3 1/2"- High Gloss finish as in modern pianos                                         SH385H              $ 38.50
         Set of 36-   3 1/2"- Satin dull finish to look like ebony                                               SH385D              $ 63.00
         Set of 36-   3 3/4"- High Gloss finish as in modern pianos                                         SH384H              $ 38.50
         Set of 36-   3 3/4"- Satin dull finish to look like ebony                                               SH384D              $ 63.00
Set of 36    3 3/4"-Satin finish; .555" height                                                             SH1493                $ 45.00
Set of 36    3 3/4"-Satin finish; .595" height                                                             SH1494                $ 54.00

       See Section 36 of Chap. 7 for instructions to install these parts.

You may feel your sharps look just fine. Only white natural key tops are needed.
Over and over we have customers only buy white tops, only to return later and
buy the sharps. The bright shining new white key tops make the old sharps look
tacky, even though they seemed OK at first. We strongly encourage you to get
both white and sharp key tops.

The following single key tops and sharps are ONLY for OUR customers
who have purchased sets of key tops and ruined more than one.
[ We will replace one ruined one free plus postage.]

Single "Natural" keytop with molded front attached (Specify key, such as D or C)                             $ 4.00 ea.

Single "Sharp" plastic                                                                                                                        $ 4.00 ea.


Ebony Sharps-  NEW Set of 36   3 3/4" long, .550" (14 mm) high,  for grand pianos           SH386              $ 375.00
                        NEW Set of 36 3 3/4" long, .595" (15 mm) high, for grand pianos               SH386A             $ 442.00
Single new ebony in above dimensions: SH386-S: $11.50; SH386A-S: $13.50

Used real ebony sharps-- Standard dimensions
            when available
--                                        $ 7.00 each


Used Ivories--
           Due to rules adopted by US agencies, we can no longer sell used ivories except within Michigan.
You should contact a piano technician in your state for used ivories.


Vagias Keytops-
These one piece molded keytops have become very
        popular over the past few years. The satin ivory tops
        have a translucent nature just like real ivory. So, you
        need to use an opaque white glue. Use our glue tape
        to attach. Or, GE White Silicone Sealant at your local hardware.
        Overall length- 6 inches.

NOTE: The Vagias Full Keytops (1321, 1321, 1322, & 1323) are one piece tops only; they do NOT have attached front .
Also, the 1328 & 1329 Tails do not come in a set. They are only available in one width--there are no wider ones available
for the two end keys.



SH 1320 Full Keytop- One piece - -
SH 1321 Full Keytop- One piece - -
SH 1322 Full Keytop- One piece - -
SH 1323 Full Keytop- One piece - -
SH 1324 Head only - - - - - - - - - - -

SH 1325 Head only - - - - - - - - - - -

SH 1326 Head only - - - - - - - - - - -

SH 1327 Head only - - - - - - - - - - -

SH 1328 Tail only - - - - - - - - - - - -
SH 1329 Tail only - - - - - - - - - - - -
SH 1330 Key Front only - - - - - - -
SH 1331 Key Front only - - - - - - -
Gloss White- 2 inch Head- Set of 52 - - - - -  $ 33.50
Gloss White- 1 15/16inch Head- Set of 52 -  $ 33.50
Satin Ivory- 2 inch Head- Set of 52 - - - - - -  $ 38.50
Satin Ivory- 1 15/16inch Head- Set of 52 - -  $ 38.50
Satin Ivory- Light Color-
        1 15/16 inch Head- Set of 52 - - - - - - -   $ 32.40
Satin Ivory- Medium Color-
       1 15/16 inch Head- Set of 52 - - - - - - -    $ 32.40
Satin Ivory- Light color-
       1 7/8 inch Head- Set of 52 - - - - - - -        $ 32.40
Satin Ivory- Medium Color-
        1 7/8 inch Head- Set of 52 - - - - - - -       $ 32.40
Satin Ivory- Light Color- Each - - - - -            $ 0.75
Satin Ivory- Medium Color- Each - - - - -       $ 0.75
Satin Ivory- Light Color- Set of 52 - - - - -      $ 32.40
Satin Ivory- Medium Color- Set of 52 - -       $ 32.40


TOOLS AND SUPPLIES                                                                        Back to CONTENTS

Ivory-Fil -- Be a "Keyboard Dentist". Fill the chips in your piano's "teeth" instead.
             With this kit you can repair of chips in genuine ivory that blend in almost
             perfectly. One kit will fill about 30 chips. The answer for those who want
             to preserve their existing ivory keyboard.              Only available from us.            IVFIL              $ 35.00

Keytop Bar Polish-  A block of buffing wheel compound used to polish plastic or ivory
             For genuine ivory-- 2 lbs                                                                                       SH425              $ 20.95
For Pyralin or Ivorine Plastic-- 2 lbs                                                                      SH426              $ 29.25
             Go to Section 39 of Chapter 7 to learn how to use Bar Polish.

Buffing Wheel-- For buffing plastic or old ivory keytops with buffing compound
            1/2" hole--  Can be  mounted on a bench grinder arbor- Useful for other
            polishing jobs also, such as brass and nickel parts- Can mount more than one-          
            10 inch diameter --  60 ply                                                                                      SH466              $ 60.00
            8 inch diameter --  60 ply                                                                                        SH465              $ 32.50

Ultra-Fine Abrasive Paper-- This extremely fine grit is not available in hardware stores
            1000 grit- per sheet                                                                                                 SH455             $ 4.50 ea.
            1500 grit- per sheet- May help polish old ugly ivory key tops                                   SH456             $ 4.50 ea.

Glue Tape -- Our new product dispenses a perfect film of glue from a roll.
        We use this in our own shop. Good for gluing plastic and ivory key coverings
        as well as veneer and other flat surface mounting tasks. Items being joined can
        be repositioned but after 8 hour cure the joint is solid. One roll of tape easily
        does an entire set of black and white key tops. No mess! No clamping needed!
        50 ft. Roll          Includes Trimming knife.               Only available from us.      FC001                $ 15.00

Ebony Stain -  Our professional black dye stain. Provides a deep black finish for
        ebony sharps. Also used for staining the wood of the keystick under the sharp that
        shows when the adjacent white key is played. Same function as the Aniline Stain
        Powder below but easier to use.
         4 oz. bottle.   With brush.            Only available from us.                                       SM4236          $ 16.25


SHOP SERVICES                                                                         Back to CONTENTS

Let us restore your keyboard to like-new appearance. We have over 30 years experience and can replace your white and black key coverings to bring a new "smile" to your piano. We provide routine services like piano key top replacement and key rebushing as well as specialized procedures like replacing the wood where someone has done a bad job of sanding during a previous key replacement job. Contact us for a quote for your needs. Sample prices for common procedures are below:
        New White Keytops                                                                                                                             $ 425.00
        New Black Keytops (add-on with whites)                                                                                          $ 225.00
        New Front & Balance Keybushings                                                                                                   $ 325.00
        New Genuine Ivory Key Coverings (set of 52)                                                                                  $ 4,990.00
        New White Key Coverings from Bone (like Ivory)                                                                          $ 3,250.00

RELATED PRODUCTS ON OUR SITE:                                     Back to CONTENTS

Assortment of paper shims for leveling keys

Clean, Protect, and Polish Key Tops

Other Stains, Lubricants, and Polishing Products

Learn to level your Piano Keys (from our free online PIano Repair Instruction Area)

To study the diagram of the Grand, Spinet, Full Upright, or Grand Damper Action
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