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The lubricants on this page have been proven by us or our friends
in the trade. A few items are rather exclusive to our business here. We
are working on a complete line of stains and finishing products for
the person who wants to restore the cabinet of their piano.

Many of the products below have applications in mechanical trades of
all sorts. We have friends in machine shops and in manufacturing who
like the results they get from these products, though they have no
interest in pianos.

We hope that these products solve some problems for you. It is always wise
to attempt to lubricate a tight part in a piano rather than shave felt or enlarge
filling holes or parts.

CAUTION: Never get lubricating fluids of powders on or near the tuning pin
area. If these products were to get into the tuning pin holes, the pins would
slip, and the piano might never hold a tune again.





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Correct use of lubricants can loosen and smooth out the mechanical parts of a piano.  
Using the wrong lubricants, or using them in the wrong places can make trouble.  
Be sure to read Chapter Six, #J and Chapter Seven, #46.

OVERSEAS ORDERS: We will NOT ship most liquids with other piano items.
If they break open, everything could be ruined. Most of the products on this
page have flammable carriers, and international mail by surface has been
discontinued world wide, AND the airlines will not carry flammable liquids.

Price Rule for this section:
These products may be listed in other areas of the catalog. The rule is that whichever
price is the highest applies. Thanks for understanding



All of these lubricants are high tech products made for the trade. While they will double in lubricating things
in you home and garage, they are much higher quality than ordinary hardware products. The actual lubricating
material to the vehicle or carrier content is much better than generic products.


Part Description:                                                                                                             Part Number            Price

Garfield's "Squeak Douse"
          Exceptional for player piano motor slides (Let it dry before re-assembly)
          This is black graphite in a non-water solvent carrier which evaporates leaving
          only the graphite. The solvent causes great penetration into points of motion
                    4 Ounces                                                                                                          SH412-4             $ 5.75
16 Ounces                                                                                                        SH412-16           $ 11.85

Acheson Dag "154" Lubricant
          Patented black graphite in a solvent carrier. Paint it on bridge caps and action parts.
          4 oz. jar-- Highly flammable                                                                                         SH461               $ 19.00

Piano Lube Kit
          Get the three lubricants we recommend for your piano: PTFE powder (1 oz),
         Protek CLP (4 oz), and McLube Suspension (4 oz). Kit includes applicator brush, syringe, and
          instruction sheet for use of the lubricants.                                                                      LUBE-KIT          $35.75

PTFE Powder- 1 oz
          This is a super fine powder with extremely slippery qualities.
Micro fine PTFE in powered form- Great for knuckles on grands
          and stickers and capstans on uprights. Apply with brush.                                                SS-PTFE          $9.00


Protek Prolube
         Advanced formula polymer spray lubricant. Designed for high friction areas like
         the key frame to key bed glides and anywhere heavy pressure is making friction.
         Long lasting without dissipation due to movement. Very little odor, and Al Gore
         would love it-- environmentally friendly.   4 oz. plastic bottle with pump sprayer              SH1408            $ 15.80
16 oz plastic bottle with pump sprayer             SH1412            $ 52.65

Protek MPL-1
         Clean, high tech grease type (but not really petroleum) lubricant which is replacing
         graphite grease. This product, if you spill or smear it, does not present such a risk
         of doing damage or ruining the customer's carpet or piano. MPL-1 has a very
         high adhesive quality, yet it is highly slick also. Both these qualities are almost
         impossible to get in the same product. Is nontoxic and environment friendly.
         This product will also find its way out of the piano applications to your automobile
         and around the home where heavy friction is a problem.   2 oz. jar                                 SH1409             $ 12.00

         The wonder solution to sticking action centers. Usually within 15 seconds this material
         drives out enough moisture from a tight action center to free it back to playability.
         Protek CLP is made from space-age polymers. It removes verdigris and protects
         against future build-up by coating the center pin and sealing the felt from moisture thus
         preventing oxidation. Unlike silicone, Protek will not run, dry out or become ineffective.
         Since Protek will not harm wood, plastic, metal or the piano finish, it is excellent for
         damper guide rail bushings and underlever lubrication. Some people also use on front
         and balance ralil pins, capstan screws and squeeky knuckles. It is safe for those
         applications, but we recommend our teflon products for those applications.
         THIS IS THE STUFF THAT WORKS! (If this won't do the job, you need to ream
         and repin the action center)     4 oz bottle                                                                        SH1406         $11.40
        Applicator Syringe                                                                                                        SYR             $ 2.00

McLube 1725L is a product whose main application is as a release agent in the rubber
          and plastic molding industry. It provides a durable PTFE surface on metal or wooden surfaces
          that reduces friction when they slide against each other or against felt. This is the premium
          treatment for keypins, capstans, damper wires, repetition cradles and jack tops and tenders as
          well as the bottom and sides of grand keyframes and key cover slides. It is also useful on
          drawers and windows around the house.       ( Includes free applicator brush)                   SS1725         $14.00

TFL-50 DRY Lubricant
         Dry lubricant containing DuPont Slipspray formula in an aerosol can. Delivers a
         high proportion of solid lubricant to vehicle dose, which means very little must
         be applied to get results. Vehicle dries quickly, but lubricant is not caked or
         gummed on. Use anywhere fricition is an issue, especially knuckles, leather,
         and where metal, wood, and felt make contact and movement.
                  5 oz. aerosol                                                                                                         SH1418             $ 12.85
 10 oz. aerosol                                                                                                       SH1419             $ 19.00

TFL-50 WET Lubricant
Synthetic wet lubricant containing liquid nylon. Where "grease" type will not
         penetrate, this will. It soaks in better and lasts longer. Where you want to
         get lubrication to a vertical situation where powder falls off, and where you
         cannot actually touch the point of application, this lets you give it a shot of
         lubrication from a distance.
                  5 oz. aerosol                                                                                                         SH1420             $ 12.85
 10 oz. aerosol                                                                                                       SH1421             $ 19.00

DRI SLIDE Moly Lubricant -
         Forms a dry film that resists rust and corrosion. Safe for
        steel, rubber, plastic and paint.
          Temperature range is -20 to +1000
         This is possibly the most advanced product we carry. It is the least likely to creep
         away from the point used. Cannot be shipped internationally
                  5-1/4 ounce aerosol can                                                                                           SM2000       $ 21.50


Copper/Aluminum Antiseize Lubricants
          Contains copper, graphite, and aluminum. The aluminum makes these antiseize
          lubricants especially corrosion resistant. Color is silver.
          The most urgent use of this product is with the metal jack and wippen button rails
          in Steinways. Unscrew the metal ring top or tab screw all the way, and apply this
          product, then screw it all the way down, and apply the product. This will make
          sure the metal threads are coated and will not bond and cause the screw to break
          later. Use also to coat the screw in damper blocks and anywhere metal to wood
          or metal bind.
                    One ounce tube                                                                                                      SM2001         $ 10.25


Leather Lubricant and Conditioners
         Known as neatsfoot oil; used to recondition, waterproof, and preserve leather.
         Made of rendered feet and shin bones of cattle. Hard to find.
         Not for hot area application. Use to recondition and extend the life of leather
         bellows and parts in player pianos and reed organs. I have not idea what this
         would do for player valves. It might save aging Zephyr leather.
         Also, very useful for maintaining quality work boots and old book covers
         and anything made of leather. To save an old Bible, rub in Neatsfoot Oil, allow
         to dry for a couple days, rub in and shine with shoe polish the color of the cover,
         and finish off with Armoral and rub off excess. The cover will look like new.
                  32 ounce squeeze bottle                                                                                               SM2002       $20.50




Part Description:                                                                                                             Part Number            Price

Triple distilled CA glue. Works well for any wood penetration. Piano can be tuned 30 minutes
after application. No need to drill holes or other preparation. Upright may need to be laid on its back;
normal precautions should be taken to protect action of grand piano. If using on more than a few pins,
use a fan blowing across the tuning pins to provide adequate cross ventilation.
             1 oz bottle                                                                                                              SB201              $ 8.00
             2 oz bottle                                                                                                              SB202              $ 12.00

Pin Tight Tuning Pin Tightener-  8 oz.  Used to treat loose tuning pins.  
         Will not damage wood or cause rusting of the pins.
         Also tightens bench legs and action wooden joints
         This product will NOT rust the tuning pins.                                                                  SH1347              $ 29.00
          [ Read about this Repair  in Chapter 7, #60 ]   



Garfield's Tuning Pin Tightener-
      This treatment is quite old. Prevents rust and improves
      with age. It takes up to seven days to dry and set up.
      Like Quickset, this product has no oil in it, and it will
      NOT rust the tuning pins.
            4 ounce bottle                                                     SH1346              $  12.35



Instruction for pin tightening treatments:
Lay the piano down on its back if it is an upright. Leave grands as is. Apply the solution with a bottle with a nozzle attached, or an oil can. I use a hypodermic syringe to control the liquid and avoid puddling it all over the harp. The solution you get on the harp does nothing but make a mess. Squirt it down the opening at the rear of the pin hole which has developed due to age and wear. Read more about my secret method of application in
Repair  in Chapter 7, #60.



Voicing Crystals- This is our preferred solution for hammers. We send you crystals in a 4-oz aluminum
bottle; you add acetone and let the crystals dissolve before using the solution. This is also the best option
for International customers, as other solutions can not be shipped internationally. Also inquire about
Keith's article about voicing from the PTG Journal , which can be emailed to you.                                SS-VC         $6.95



"Brite Tone" Hammer Head Hardener- This product is used to harden hammers which are too
         quiet. This is often true of new hammers, and it will rescue hammers abused
         by brats who put tacks in the hammer face to get a honky tonk sound.
         Apply only to the top and bottom of the hammer head felt, not to the striking face.
                  2 ounce bottle                                                                                                      SH499-2            $ 5.80
                  8 ounce bottle                                                                                                      SH499-8            $ 9.95

"Supertone" Hammer felt hardener-  Hammers are often too soft when new.  
         This solution will harden the hammer felt.  This product has no lacquer solvent,
          and it can be applied to the shoulder of the hammer as well as the striking surface.
          This is an improvement over older products. Easily applied with common brush-  
                   8 oz.                                                                                                                    SH1404           $ 15.70



Sound Board Decals

Sound Board Repair Instruction



Part Description:                                                                                                             Part Number            Price

PVC-E    Glue for Pneumatic Material, Key Tops, and Wood.
        Excellent for key top replacement and player piano tasks and wood to wood.
        Use to glue bellows in players and reed organs. This PVC glue is totally
        unique and is only applied to piano use. If you try to cut corners with PVC
        products from hardware stores, you will NOT get a product that is made to
        bond the very specific plastic in key tops.
        Use also to glue felt and leather in place.  Can be thinned 20% with water.
        4 oz. bottle                                                                                                            PVC-4              $ 5.00
        8 oz. bottle                                                                                                            PVC-8              $ 8.00
        Pint                                                                                                                       SH387-16         $ 12.00
        Quart                                                                                                                    SH387-32         $ 18.20

        This wonderful glue has properties that are very similar to ground hide glue
        except that it does not require heating. It tacks quickly and remains water soluble
        when dry. It is freeze-thaw stable and can be shipped year round.
        4 oz. bottle                                                                                                             CL100-4           $6.00
        8 oz. bottle                                                                                                             CL100-8           $9.00
        Pint                                                                                                                        CL100-16         $14.50

A modern adhesive used by many piano technicians for quick set-up repair of
       broken wooden action parts.
       1 oz.                                                                                                                         SB203       $ 8.00
       2 oz.                                                                                                                         SB204      $ 12.00 


Ground Animal Hide Glue-
        Terribly politically incorrect, but it sure works great

        This glue is highly recommended for gluing
        bellows cloth to wood pieces in player pianos.
        Also, use it on all wood and felt parts where you
        wish to leave the possibility of dismantling in future
        years. This glue is specially designed for use in
        glue pots. Must be dissolved in hot water.
        One pound package                          SH399-1/2          $ 11.25

"Hold Heet"
® Automatic Electric Glue Pot- made in USA
Features Accra thermostatic control. Operates without a water
        jacket. Removable glue container. Wide overhanging lip prevents
        glue from entering heater shell. 7 1/2 foot heavy duty grounded
        power cord. Built like a boiler. Will take abuse. Long life heating
        element. No hot spots and will not burn glue. All pots are set at
        150 degrees F. Quart size, 115 volts, 144 watts, weighs 6 lbs.
        Read a discussion from a trademan about this product  

        Pot only                                                     SH1155          $ 154.00



If you are doing only one piano, you can heat the animal hide glue in an improvised double boiler. Don't use your wife's because the thing will be ruined.

Put the amount of glue in the electric glue pot or your double boiler which will do the job as far as you can tell. Fill the thing next with enough cold water to cover the glue crystals to one quarter inch above the glue. Soak the glue inthe correct amount of water overnight. Heat slowly and stir as it heats. If you improvise, you MUST have a thermometer to make sure you don't overheat it. The working temperature must be just under 150 degrees F.

Did you hear about the two Italian kittens sitting by the tennis court? They were watching two people play Tennis, and one kitten turned to the other and said, "Dat's my pa there, he's in da racket."


Animal Hide Glue-- Cold application-- The purists do not feel cold animal hide glue is as
        effective as hot glue. Production shops never use the cold glue. But, I know of technicians
        who feel good about it.
        Made by Franklin. No heating or mixing necessary. Ororless and stainless.
        After years, when restoration is again needed, this glue will break up easily like hot glue.

        4 ounce bottle                                                                                                        SH401-4            $   7.15
        8 ounce bottle                                                                                                        SH401-8            $ 11.85



For both full restorations and for spot fixes of small damage


             These pens from Germany are made to deal with nicks and scratches
              in modern high polish pianos. All risk is yours since we cannot promise
              you will be able to totally remove all markings and imperfections.

SH457A-- High Gloss Black
SH457F-- Gloss Dark Walnut
SH457G-- Gloss Red Mahogany
SH457H-- Gloss Dark Red Mahogany

PRICE:           $ 23.75

These rub-on wax pencils fix and eliminate scars, scratches, gouges, and
            abrasions on furniture, picture frames, leather, china, plastics and paneling,
            May use any type of top coat.
            SH1447-08 - Black
            SH1447-06 - Cherry
            SH1447-05 - Fruitwood
            SH1447-17 - Light Mahogany

            SH1447-73 - Red Mahogany
            SH1447-09 - Maple
            SH1447-04 - Extra Dark Walnut
            SH1447-10 - Dark American Walnut
            SH1447-03 - Light Walnut
            SH1447-22 - Medium Brown Walnut
            SH1447-07 - White

                       PRICE: $5.50 each

        These scratch removing pens will not leave the halo or iridescence found with
        regular felt pens. They have ONLY stain and a carrier in them. These pens
        will stain worn areas, nicks, and rubbed edges on finished wood piano surfaces.
        They also are just the thing for scuffed furniture, cupboards, leather, Bibles,
        vinyl, picture and mirror frames. I touched up some dark kitchen cupboards
        with one of these pens, and the results were amazing.
        Important note: Do not use these pens on high gloss and urethane pianos.
        Use the Kanten-Fix pens above.


If you dot the surface with the pens, you will get a spot effect, even though the color matches well. I do a small area, and then at once gently wipe my finger from my other hand over the spot I did. This feathers the stain into the surrounding paint or finish. You will need to clean your finger off with thinner after this.

For the record, this is probably not supposed to be good for your health in some way, so be warned. I have done this many times, and it has never affeticed, efuterkid, er, kafudled,
hurt me. :-)

SH1301-08-       Black
SH1301-14-       Dark Brown
SH1301-06-       Cherry
SH1301-05-       Fruitwood
SH1301-01-       Mahogany
SH1301-73-       Red Mahogany (Victorian style)
SH1301-09-       Maple
SH1301-13-       Natural
SH1301-07-       Golden Oak
SH1301-11-       Medium Brown Walnut
SH1301-04-       Extra Dark Walnut
SH1301-03-       Light Walnut

PRICE: All SH1301 series pens--       $ 9.90 each


Aniline Stain Powder-- 2 oz. Mix with denatured alcohol to blacken the key
        lever wood under the sharps. Caution when opening as it can cause trouble in carpets
        etc. The black stained wood at the front of the sharp key levers has likely dulled to
        gray over the years. It will look very ugly if it is not restored to total black.
        This wood is easily seen when the natural white keys are depressed.
        This product is mainly used to stain larger areas, especially when veneer section
        have been cut into large areas.
Must be thinned with denatured alcohol.
This stain can be used in many other applications outside the piano trade.

SH450-330-- Black       
SH450-378-- Cherry
SH450-310-- Dark Mahogany
SH450-300-- Golden Oak
SH450-320-- Walnut
SH450-343-- Lemon Yellow

PRICE:                 $ 15.85

        Solvents used with Aniline Dyes above:
                1. For Sharp Key Levers and for touch up work in finishes-- Denatured alcohol
                2. For a tinting medium, use Behkol Solvent-- Available in Quart here--
                        Behkol is also used to cut Shellac, manufactured spirits, stains, and
                        varnishes.           Part Number SH1449             $ 13.20




This is an art form, but novices may well improve an area of bad damage in the surface of veneer or lacquer. I have used these sticks, and it is possible to learn the skill as you do your first job. You may decide to chip your work out and make a second try, but it is not impossible in my opinion.

Before starting with the burn-in step, clean our the damaged area. If it is stained by foreign matter, remove it. You may use a stain stick above to match the wood under the repair to the surrounding area. Remove all wood chips.

The sticks have a low melting point. I use a propane torch on very low and heat a small spatula, such as one used in leather work. An old screw driver could be ground and shaped into a tool for this. The heated spatula is then used to melt a glob of burn-in stick, and the molten glob is worked into the damaged spot quickly. The spatula is then heated a bit more and used to level the work.

I use two sticks of the shades of the two grain colors, such as with oak and mahogany. Lay in the base color between the grain, and then streak in lines of the darker grain. It is hard to do, but very rewarding.

This process is done and redone until a flat, or nearly flat, surface is accomplished. The top can then be sanded VERY SLOWLY without heating the material until lever. You may want to order some very find sand paper (see below) for the last step. The result is a deep translucent appearance which responds to the light well, and once finished over, it is VERY hard to see the repair. Using wood filler is a terrible alternative and will leave a dead spot.

Use Behlen Sanding Sealer to lever the work more and prepare for finishing.
You may want to buy an electric burn in spatula

        This product is not mere lacquer--
        It is made from the finest shellacs and resins.
        As always, beware of Chinese imports.
        Sticks are 7 inches long

SH407-011-- Amber
SH407-010-- Amber Dark
SH407-008-- Black
SH407-018-- Burnt Umber
SH407-018-- Dark Cherry
SH407-012-- Clear
SH407-005-- Fruitwood / Oak
SH407-001-- Dark Mahogany
SH407-815-- Golden Oak
SH407-853-- Medium Brown
SH407-015-- Medium Mahogany
SH407-009-- Maple
SH407-873-- Red Mahogany
SH407-004-- Walnut Extra Dark
SH407-013-- Walnut Dark Brown
SH407-003-- Walnut Light
SH407-007-- White (ONLY on real white finish)

PRICE: All Burn-In Sticks      $ 7.85 each

Burn In Knife for applying burn in stick
        3 inch curved blade, with wood handle
        PRICE          Part No. 183        $ 22.10


        Formulated to be used by professionals and novices. This product has
        many uses. Fills in and levels surface scratches, smoothes French Rubs,
        levels and makes final fill of burn-in work (see side box). Seals over
        stains before the finish is added. This is a serious issue since some
        finishes may react to stains. Fast Drying-- 15 oz. aerosol can.
                                                                                                      Part Number SH1417-104          $ 12.60 each



Keytop Bar Polish-  A block of polishing compound used to polish plastic or ivory
             For genuine ivory-- 2 lbs                                                                                       SH425                $ 15.00
For Pyralin or Ivorine Plastic-- 2 lbs                                                                      SH426                $ 17.00
             Go to Section 39 of Chapter 7 to learn how to use Ivory Brite.

Buffing Wheel-- For buffing plastic or old ivory keytops with buffing compound
            1/2" hole--  Can be  mounted on a bench grinder arbor- Useful for other
            polishing jobs also, such as brass and nickel parts- Can mount more than one-          
            10 inch diameter --  60 ply                                                                                      SH466              $ 48.25
            8 inch diameter --  60 ply                                                                                        SH465              $ 24.50
6 inch diameter -- 50 ply                                                                                         SH452               $ 15.00

Sand Paper-- This extremely fine grit is not available in hardware stores
            1000 grit- per sheet                                                                                                 SH455             $ 4.50 ea.
            1500 grit- per sheet- May help polish old ugly ivory key tops                                   SH456             $ 4.50 ea.

Pumice Stone-- 1 lb.
High Quality, American ground-- uniform
                        Extra Course                                                                                           SH411-O            $ 8.50
                         Medium                                                                                                   SH411-FF          $8.50
                        Extra Fine   ( Artists add this to acrylic medium for more brush drag )       SH411-FFFF      $ 8.50

Rottenstone-- 1lb. can
            Perhaps the finest substance available for furniture finishing. Us this polish on
            lacquered and varnished surfaces after a course rubbing with Pumice Stone              SH410             $ 12.00

Abrasive Cord-- For cleaning and deburring aggraffe holes and other hard to
            reach places. Round .055 diameter
           Spool of 50 feet                                                                                                      SH561             $ 21.50

Steel Wool-- Made of long strands for durability-- 8 pads per package
           Grade 0000                                                                                                            
SH412-4/0       $ 8.80
           Grade 000                                                                                                             
SH412-3/0       $ 8.50
           Grade 00                                                                                                               
SH412-2/0       $ 8.00
           Grade 0                                                                                                                 
SH412-1/0       $ 7.45

Blush Eraser-- Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush."
           Behlen Blush Eraser reflows the lacquer and allows the trapped moisture to escape.
           This product should perform well with tung oil also.
           Comes in aerosol can, 15 oz.                                                                                    SH1417-100   $ 12.50

Brass Plate-- Save the pain of some veneer work
           These plates duplicate a design used on some old Victorian era pianos.
           When the lower end of an upright is severely damaged, this plate allows you to
           simply cover the damage instead of trying to replace veneer. These plates must
           have both ends shortened so that the hole pattern is balanced, and two holes
           drilled at each end. We offer two height choices, but both choices come
           28 inches long. Made of polished brass 0.05 inches thick. Other sizes available
           by special order, but none shorter than 28 inches.
                      12 inches high by 28 inches long                                                                         SM4000         $ 80.00 EACH
                      10 inches high by 28 inches long                                                                         SM4001         $ 95.00 EACH



--  Hypodermic type needle on 2 ounce plastic bottle--  
         Cover included-- This is the most pracitical applicator we now carry.
         This could also be used to apply pin tightening fluids.
         Use to dispense lubricants and pin tightener                         SH184         $  5.80







Plastic Oiler / Lubricant Applicator--  
         Unbreakable squeeze plastic bottle--  One ounce size-- 4 inches overall.
         Dispenses lubricants, pin tightener, and liquid graphite. Cap included.
         Can be used to deliver lubricants into the tight flanges drop by drop.
         Old Part Number 151095A                                                                                                SH190           $ 7.80

Aerosol Spray Extension
         Use this rig with all aerosol products, such as our products,
         Emralon (Permalon 327) and Slix-It and TFL-50 DRY Lubricant
         and TFL-50 WET Lubricant and Sanding Sealer and
         Blush Eraser and Silicone Aerosol Spray and DRI SLIDE Moly Lubricant.
         ALSO, use in your shop with other aerosol products and with
         aerosol silicone to target moving parts without overspray.
         Simply remove the original valve on the aerosol can, and attach
         this hardware. This extension could be very handy around the
         house where pin point application is desired, such at with
         "Spot Shot" carpet cleaner and with laundry spot treatment.
                  Male attachment to the can   
                           Part Number SM1501                        $ 19.75
                  Female attachment to the can 
                           Part Number SM1502                       $ 19.75
                  Buy two                                                    $ 37.00









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