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                    Description                                                                                                      Part Number                Price

String positioning tool-
If strings touch, you will have a mess in
         tuning and sound- See graphic at left (second tool from left)                                                                                 Part Number SH133      $ 17.85

String hook- Plastic handle with 4" string hook, for lifting coils tight
         and neat around tuning pins. (Tool on far left in graphic at left.)                     
                Part Number SH135C                                     $ 27.75

String Stretcher-- Looks like a pizza cutter-- Grooved brass wheel rides the new
         string as you push down and remove elasticity from a new string. Without
         this step you will find the strings stretching greatly, causing many re-tunings.
         This is the least harsh and even pressured method of stretching a new string. 
         No graphic of this tool
         "Chipping", over pulling a string, is ideal, but most of us flatlanders don't
         know the amount of over pull which is safe and effective. Use this tool instead.                             SH132          $ 49.50

Stringing Crank   -- See on Tuning Lever Page Graphic
         Plastic handle on crank instead of wooden ball, as in the graphic 
         Speeds up re-stringing of all pianos; use in conjunction with Coil Winder                                       SH109          $ 32.00

Ratchet Head Socket-  Speeds up removing and driving in new
         tuning pins- Use an automotive application 3/8ths inch ratchet
         wrench- Star head- eight points for more positioning choices              SH23           $ 29.50

Power Drill Style- Fits in three sided power drill chuck.                             SH63           $ 27.50

Socket for fast turning with Brace- Three sided tapered fitting for brace- Better control
         See the graphic of this tool at the right                                                                          SH25           $ 26.75

Pin Setting Tool- Used to drive loose pins deeper. Not for production use                          See Tuning Tools

Stringing hook--  Used to tighten coils around tuning pins when installing new pins--                  

         Old Part Number 16252 See graphic above                                                                  SH135S       $ 27.75
         Offset version of the above tool-- hook set in handle at an angle                                SH135C      $ 27.75

Starrett Piano Wire Cutters
     See graphic above with the red cutters. Best in the trade.  For heavy
     continuous use. Jaws, cutters, and all parts can be replaced
     5 1/2" -- Old Part Number 15180A                 SH225A           $ 329.00
     7"  -- -- -Old Part Number 15180B                 SH225B           $ 379.00
     New Jaws for 5-1/2 inch cutters / pair             SH226A           $   65.90 
New Jaws for 7 inch cutters / pair                    SH226B           $   70.90
Splines for 5-1/2 inch cutters                            SH226-1/2A    $   14.50
Splines for 5-1/2 inch cutters                            SH226-1/2B    $   14.50
Jaw Screws for 5-1/2 inch cutters                    SH227A            $    6.50
Jaw Screws for 7 inch cutters                           SH227B            $    6.50
Handle Spring-- 5-1/2 inch cutters                   SH227-1/2A      $    4.50
Handle Spring-- 7 inch cutters                          SH227-1/2B      $    4.50

 Xuron Music Wire Cutters
   (Not pictured) Gives square enmded cuts on both sides.
     5 1/2" long, with spring-loaded cushion grip handles.                        SH227                $ 56.76


Coil Makers--
Make a tight neat coil (becket) of wire around the tuning pin
     This tool is use to make the coil before the pin is inserted. The pin must be
     hammered in if you use this tool. No graphic for these tools as yet.
     You MUST support the pin block underneath the grand piano pin block.

Sciortino Hand Held Model-- Place the tuning pin in the tool, insert the wire
          into the pin, and turn the pin with the tuning lever. A very good coil is made.             
                                                                       SH273          $ 29.95

Sciortino Hand Factory model-- Same as the one above but with a
          handle, wrench, and contrl collar, and production weight design--                                       SH122         $ 96.00

Loop Maker-- Bass strings come with a loop ordinarily. No graphic for this tool as yet.
         This tool will be needed on certain pianos which have a loop on all treble strings,
         and on the odd string on almost all pianos where the wire pattern leaves one string
         odd which must have a loop. A sloppy loop will unravel with time. Esthetics are not
         the only consideration here. This loop maker is not a factory model, but it will clamp
         in a bench vise for excellent control, and it will make either long traditional or
         German type small loops                                                                                                     SH115          $ 58.30

Bass String Twisting Tool-- When a bass string goes dull from age, it can be turned
         in order to tighten the copper winding and brighten the sound. Loosen the string,
         remove the loop from the lower hitch pin, and use this tool. Tool inserts through
         the loop hole, and you turn one or two (never half turn intervals), and push the
         tip of the tool down over the hitch pin. Push the handle in, and the loop slips back
         over the hitch pin. Other techniques can be very frustrating and skin knuckles.
         No graphic of this tool as yet-- It has a wooden handle                                                       SH262          $ 16.90

Tuning Pin Wood Bushing Driver--
         This tool is used to drive in the new wooden bushings before inserting the tuning pins.
         The tool has a point at the working end, beyond the area which forces the wooden
         bushing into the plate. This point will mark a new pin block so that he hole can be
         positioned correctly in relation to the wooden bushing. 3/8 inch diameter                            SH174C         $ 22.50

Tuning Pin Punch-
 This punch is used to drive the new tuning pin into the new pin block. This process
         must NOT to done without useing support under the pin block. 3 inches long                     SH174         $ 16.75
         See Support Tools below.

U.S. Safety Citation CS931 Safety Glasses Clear Lens

         Clear Safety Glasses, US Safety's CS931 glasses are made with an ultra-
         lightweight design that is comfortable for men and women. The glasses combine
         a sleek appearance with rugged durability. Other design features include
         rubberized temples and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that offer 99.9%
         UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating.                                                                                                                        Part Number- CS931             $  6.25


Grand Agraffes-- Solid brass-- Steinway type,
        but will fit other grands.
        Available in single, double, and three wire type.
        1/4 inch dia. Single, Double, or Trichord
        Old Part No. 30581A1-2-3  
                                                New Part Number
                Single String-                  SH927S              $  6.00 ea.

                Double String-                SH927D              $  6.00 ea.
                Doouble Wide String-    SH927DW          $  6.00 ea.
                Triple String-                  SH927T              $  6.00 ea.
                                                                                One Dozen 40.00

Grand Agraffes
-- Solid brass-- Steinway type, but will fit other grands.
               Available in single, double, and three wire type. 
               7/32 inch dia. Single, Double, or Trichord
               Old Part No. 30581A1-2-3                                                                            New Part Number
                                                                                    Single String-                 SH926S              $  6.00 ea.

                                                                                    Double String-               SH926D              $  6.00 ea.
                                                                                    Double Wide String-     SH926DW          $  6.00 ea.
                                                                                    Triple String-                 SH926T              $  6.00 ea.
                                                                                                                                                  One Dozen 41.00

        See our Instructions on Agraffe Repair

        See abrasive cord for polishing Agraffe Holes

Some items in the above graphic do not apply to this page.
Some high quality uprights also had grand piano type agraffes.

Agraffe Shimming Washers--  
               A new agraffe will tighter with the holes not lined up right.
               These shims make it possible to align the holes when the agraffe is tight.
                              Per 100--                                                                                                        SH922          $ 22.80

Agraffe taps-- See 15583-84 in graphic above 
               1/4 inch dia. hole--  36 threads                                                                                       SH987           $ 29.00
                7/32 inch dia. hole--  36 threads                                                                                    SH985           $ 28.00
               Tap Handle-- (Not shown)                                                                                             SH989           $ 10.00

Agraffe Tap Drills--  Drill hole for grand agraffes
               #2 drill for 1/4 inch agraffe tap                                                                                         SH988          $  5.70
               #11 drill for 7/32 inch agraffe tap                                                                                     SH986          $  4.25
Used to remove broken agraffe base stuck in the harp                                    SH983          $ 5.00
7/64 inch drill to use with extractor                                                                                  SH984          $  4.00

Abrasive Chord-- .055 inches diameter

               Used to buff out or deburr the hole in agraffes. Used anywhere a hard to
               reach spot needs limited buffing -- Sold in five foot lengths                                              SH561       $  4.25 ea.

Agraffes for repairing the bass bridge--
They replace the bridge pins and raise the string increasing bearing.


Pin Block Support Jack--  Used to support the pin block while driving new pins in a grand.  
        Comes with 2 laminated wood blocks and two steel cylinders for adjustment. Also, this
        has to be the smallest screw jack in the world. It would be very handy in a craftsman's
        shop when support is needed under a heavy object, or where glued objects
        cannot be clamped in a conventional way.  --                                                                    SH800             $ 76.00

Pin Block Support-- Made of two, top and bottom, laminated boards
        11"L x 4-1/2"Wx1-3/4"H-- Two threaded bolts with a not allow the boards to be
        raised under the pin block to give good lift and stability when hammering new pins in.        SH799             $ 35.05

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