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38. Piano Key tops- Ivory Replacement

For antique restoration, we have used ivories available in very good condition.
New ivory is not available as it is outlawed to protect the elephants.

When an ivory key top comes off, glue it back on at once. Use white GE silicone ONLY. If you use Elmer's carpenter's glue, it is water based and will cause the key top to curl up horribly. It is best to open the piano (See Chapter Five), and take the key out so that you can clamp it (As in Key tops- White and Black), noting the diagram there on gluing and clamping.

If the ivory top has been off for quite a while, the whited top of the wooden key lever will be dark with finger crud. Scrape this off with the sharp edge of a knife, or else the ivory will be darkened from underneath after you put it on. Just do this, OK? Don't argue with me, or I'll send the crud patrol to slap your dirty fingers :-)

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