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33. Piano Action--  
Jack Spring Replacement

We sell jack springs for all types of pianos.
We offer jacks, with or without flanges, for all types of pianos.
ALSO, jack spring repairs tools and springs for all pianos
AND, repair devices for broken jack regulation buttons.

Uprights only

This task can be done in the piano, but you must be very careful since you will have to get the bottom end of the jack all the way up as far as possible so that you don't break the jack out of its mounting point in the wippen.

I do not advise that you try to improvise this repair. It is so easy for the wrong spring to just pop right out of place later. Also, please have a good look at the diagram of the Upright Action.

Once you have a replacement jack spring on hand, pull the old one out with needle nosed pliers by removing the top of the spring from the jack, and pull on the top of the spring. Dig out any old glue in the lower spring mounting depression. We now offer a reamer, which is found in not other tool kingdom, which cleans the spring hole out quickly and without damage.  It is especially needed if you do a whole set of jack springs.

Put a dab of Elmer's carpenter's glue in the recessed hole in the wippen, NOT any in the hole in the jack. With tweezers compress the spring by inserting the points of the tweezers at the top and bottom, compress it, and set it in place with top and bottom in their mounting depressions. These two recesses are in the bottom of the jack and in the top of the wippen. Use the neighboring springs as your guide You don't have to even wait for this repair to dry to go ahead and play the piano. There are jack springs in my Online Catalogue. Be sure to order the longer spring for old full sized uprights, and the shorter spring for consoles and spinets.

If you don't have a proper replacement spring, and if you are desperate, try using part of a spring from a ball point pen, or send someone off to the surplus store to improvise. Dear ladies, if you send your husband, please only give him one dollar. Men with $20 in their pocket always come home with a new puke green "genuine war surplus shovel" (made in Taiwan), which is of no use in your piano.

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