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71. Get a stalled Player going again

Open the top of the player. Take the big hose off of the "stack" at whichever end you find it. Hook your vacuum cleaner hose to the fixture for the hose on the "stack." If it works great, at least if the roll drive assembly tries to take off and run, you have some hope.

You can order an electric vacuum motor and attach it to the lower bellows or to the vacuum reservoir box under the "stack." This will make the piano work pretty good, since the lower bellows cannot overpower the inefficiencies of the deteriorating system.

You can order the vacuum motor from my Mini Catalogue at the end of this book, or your tuner can order it for you.

Leaks can develop in the wood areas.  Under the key bed and / or the vacuum chamber attached to the valves, there are often cracks between the wood foundation pieces which were left there on purpose.  There is always a sheet of rubberized cloth laid under the vacuum chamber for a seal.  This rubberized cloth can deteriorate, and it will let air leak into the vacuum chamber through the cracks.  Caulk the big cracks between the wood foundation pieces with siliconized latex caulking until the cracks are filled.  Do not try to squirt it into the vacuum chamber itself.

The vacuum box can crack on top. If so, fill the crack with caulking or chewing gum. 

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