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31. Piano Harp- Cracked, but not broken

Aren't we all a bit cracked? I know an Englishman who went to a Psychiatrist and told the shrink that he thought he had turned into a biscuit.  The shrink replied, "I quite agree old man.  I always thought you were crackers."

If the crack in your harp is in the tuning pin area, just go on using it. At the next tuning, ask the tuner to drop the pitch about half a tone to reduce the load on the metal plate. That will probably keep it going for a few years. However; it IS a broken piano. It is dishonest to sell it as if it is a good piano.

If it is cracked elsewhere, you better start looking for another piano. Don't read the above section and assume you can save it. Assume the worst, and plan accordingly. Of course, Section 30 may be applied, and you may save it as a practice piano.

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